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Stepped Up? iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6s Full Comparison


Everybody, Whats up! This is Muhammad Asif from ABSWEBTECH and today we are going to answer a very very very popular question,

Should I upgrade from iPhone 6s to iPhone 7 or not?

Well, it’s hard to answer this question without having any prior knowledge about their differences. So what are we looking for? Let’s jump into their comparison.

iPhone 6s was released in September 2015 and the iPhone 7 came to live in September 2016, after a full year.
Both of these iPhones look almost identical which is making some people wonder is the iPhone better than iPhone 6s or is it worth upgrading from iPhone 6s to iPhone 7.

Build Quality:
As you can see that iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 look identical, they are built using 7000 series Aluminum and are cased in a gorgeous Unibody Style. When you hold either phone in your hands you get a very satisfying and solid sensation. These phones, without a question, are premium devices and they look equally gorgeous thanks to that smooth and continuous form factor. Now, when you inspect these phones a little closer some little differences come to light. On the back, iPhone 7 lacks those two little annoying white strips that plague the iPhone 6s. They shouldn’t have been there in first place and they are gone. Another thing that is gone is the headphone jack. When you buy iPhone 7 you get earphones that plug directly into the only port you will find in iPhone 7, the Lightning Port. But don’t worry if you have older headphones, you still get a Lightning 23.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter just in case.The rear camera on iPhone 7 is, in fact, larger and we will talk about it. A nonvisual tweak on the iPhone 7 is that Home button is now a solid state button which only responds to pressure, unlike on the iPhone 6s it cannot be physically pressed in, it does, however, have a built-in Haptic Engine to give you a Haptic Feedback, so you do know when you actually interact with it.

The capability of Resistance:
A big improvement is here. The iPhone 7 is finally water, splash, and dust resistant, rated with IP67 Water Resistance Designation. This means that you can plug your iPhone 7 on a rainy day to take a picture or take a phone call and also not worry about accidental drops into a pond of water and such. But don’t attempt to take your iPhone 7 for swimming as it is not designed for such feets.

Processor And RAM:
So now let’s take a look at the Processor and RAM. The iPhone 7 comes up with a Quad-Core A10 Fusion Processor with a Clock Rate of 2.34 GHz while the iPhone 6s has a Dual-Core A9 Processor clocked at 1.85 GHz. Both phones have the same memory of 2 GBs. Performance-wise Apple has stated that iPhone 7 has up to 40% faster processing performance and 50% faster graphics performance than iPhone 6s which is awesome.

Internal Memory:
Both of iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s if purchased brand new will start with a minimum of 32 GigaBytes of internal storage for the Base Model. With iPhone 7 you can upgrade internal storage to 128 GBs or 256 GBs for a Premium. However, with the iPhone 6s, you can either get a 32 GBs Base Model or a 128 GBs Premium Model.

Both phones support a 4.7 inch IPS LCD Display with a Screen Resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels (1080p) at 326 PPI ( Pixels Per Inch). Now the displays on iPhones are pretty advanced. They are very bright and also have a great color accuracy, but the iPhone 7 actually improves on these two points. The iPhone 7 has 25% more brightness which means better visibility in brighter environments and also has a wider color gamut, which means even better color accuracy. So we do have an improvement in this category that is noticeable though it is not a category to be too concerned about when trying to make a choice

Dimensions And Weight:
The dimensions are identical. Both phones measure 138.3 mm in height, 67.1 mm in width and 7.1 mm thickness. But they do have a small difference in weight, iPhone 6s weighs 143 grams and iPhone 7 weighs 138 grams. But as you can see this is a category of no concern unless you actually care about the 5 grams difference in weight.

As far as the software experience goes you won’t see a difference. Both phones come with the latest versions of iOS and they run as smooth as a phone can run. There is no lag, no stutters, everything just runs fine. And also you get access to the same app ecosystem which means all apps and games you can have on the iPhone 7 can also be had on iPhone 6s. One thing which I will say is that as we discussed that iPhone 7 has a better processing and graphics performance. So it may give you a better experience in new games that are released in future. As of now the iPhone 6s certainly have necessary internals to play any game with maximum quality and smoothness. And of course same apply on heavy duty apps such as video editing apps. Additionally, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 have 3D touch. 3D Touch has been improving and is getting more handier with every update to iOS. With 3D Touch, what you get is a pressure sensitive screen that can sense how firmly you are pressing on the screen, based on the force with which you press it will offer you two functions, peek and pop, if you press lightly on the screen to peek into the content and preview the content and then press a much further you pop into the full content that you just previewed. You can also 3D press on an app icon to bring up a menu that allows you to take quick actions such as a right click button on Windows. 3D Touch also extends to in-app use so you will get access to 3D Touch gestures within Apple apps and developer apps. So in a category as important as software both the phones, iPhone7 and iPhone 6s offer a pretty similar experience with iPhone 7 potentially pulling ahead in the future with the release of more demanding apps and games.

The iPhone 7 comes with a 12 MP rear camera with an aperture of F/1.8 while the iPhone 6s has a 12 MP rear camera with an aperture of F/2.2
The iPhone 7 comes up with a 7 MP Front Facing Camera which is capable of shooting 1080p video, while the iPhone 6s has a 5MP Front Facing Camera capable of video shooting at 720p.
We have already compared the cameras of both phones in detail. You can read it here: iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6s Camera Comparison

With iPhone 7 you get 1-2 hours of extra battery life period. The capacity of the battery of iPhone 7 is 1960 mAh while the iPhone 6s has a 1715 mAh battery. Of course, the larger battery on the iPhone 7 is the reason for extended 1-2 hours of battery life but another reason is a more efficient Quad-Core A10 Fusion processor. Overall both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s will last a full day of medium use but because the iPhone 7 has a longer battery life you will get some extra edge within that full one day such as perhaps squeezing a little more gaming or video watching or maybe wasting some further time on facebook or twitter.

Both the phones come with a second a second generation Touch ID Sensor which works lightning fast and with 99.9% accuracy every single time. You can use this ID Sensor to unlock your phone, make payments via Apple pay, purchase apps and a few other useful things.

Available Colors:
The iPhone 6s is available in Space Gray, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.
The iPhone 7 is available in Black, Jet Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold.
A quick word on the jet black color. it certainly is gorgeous but Apple does warn in the fine print that nobody reads that do to its shiny surface it is prone to micro-abrasions which means nasty scratches. So a case will be needed to protect it although I recommend a case for any iPhone.

On the geek Bench, there is a great difference. Let’s take a look at the results of Geek Bench for both phones:

  • iPhone 7:                                                                                                                                                                                            Single-Core Performance Score:
    Multi-Core Performance Score:
  • iPhone 6s:
    Single-Core performance Score:
    Multi-Core Performance Score:

As you can see from these results the iPhone 7 is a beast. In the single core performance, it pulls ahead by a thousand points while in multi-Core performance it pulls ahead by Fifteen-Hundred Points. There is really no need to comment as the numbers speak for themselves.

Major Improvements On iPhone 7:

  • iPhone 7 is water resistant. Say goodbye to damages done by spills and splashes or even accidental drops into water ponds.
  • iPhone 7 has a faster Processing and Graphics Performance. Which might be relevant to play the newest games at maximum performance and tackle heavy duty apps. Even faster than iPhone 6s. It is important to note that the iPhone 6s is no slouch.
  • iPhone 7 has a better camera with Optical Image Stabilization and a Smaller Aperture. Again despite that iPhone 6s camera is still a top notch camera.

What Hasn’t Changed:

  • Both phones have a 4.7-inch display with the same resolution.
  • Both phones have similar software experience and 3D Touch.
  • Both iPhones have same design and dimensions.
  • Both phones have same fingerprint technology.

So iPhone 7 certainly has gained some improvements. But for someone who still owns the iPhone 6s, it will not be a major upgrade. Because the iPhone 6s is still a beast of a phone. However, if you own an iPhone 6 and decide to upgrade you will note a considerable difference not counting the design. I say that if you own an iPhone 6s, do not upgrade until the next iPhone. But if you own an iPhone 6 or older, do upgrade and be amazed. For all of you those people who are coming from a different platform like Android or Windows etc. and are trying to decide between the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, I say get the iPhone 7 because it is only a $100 more than iPhone 6s and the improvements you get for that $100 are in fact worth the money.

And that’s it.
Thanks for coming up and reading. I hope you found this article helpful. So drop a comment below and let me know which phone you chose and give me some details.

This is Muhammad Asif saying Goodbye to my beloved visitors. Take care and we shall meet up in the next post.

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