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Logitech G403 Prodigy Gaming Mouse Review

Hello! Everyone! This is Muhammad Asif from ABSWEBTECH and welcomes you to another review. This time we have the Logitech G403 Prodigy Gaming Mouse.

A real gamer can acknowledge the need to own a mouse that has a great design and is also good at performance especially when the most of his/her work on the computer is gaming. Whether it is online-gaming, regular offline gaming or even if it is a professional competition, if you want to perform well, you need a great mouse that can last up to your skills well during the gaming session.Logitech G403

Whenever a gamer has to buy a mouse for gaming, he/she look for the best qualities which include its level of performance, click accuracy level, the power of optical sensor, the design and build quality and finally its features. One of such mice is with us today. And that mouse is known as Logitech G403 Prodigy Gaming Mouse. The mouse is well known for its power and performance level during gaming and is capable of long lasting a person.

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Logitech G403 Design and Features:

Before I start the review, I shall assure you that if you are an advanced gamer, the Logitech G403 is going to be a charm for you. To use. The mouse under review is part of the Prodigy Series from Logitech and is an exceptional choice for pro gamers who are seeking for a mouse with high performance and simple design. The mouse is built with such a design that it looks like if it has been constructed to be ergonomic.

Another interesting feature of the Logitech G403 is its light weightiness, that means that the mouse is capable of much faster movements compared to other products. The rubber side grips assure comfortability and a firm grip over the mouse to the user and confirm that the mouse moves according to user’s needs, making the movements of mouse simpler to handle. Moreover, 10g weight can also be removed to ensure better grip depending on your palm’s grip.Logitech G403
Logitech has never been left behind when it comes to technology, and same is the case here. Logitech has installed a top-of-the-line advanced optical sensor that has a great and stable FPS rate and ensures that you get precise accuracy and performance from the mouse. The user is allowed to choose from 16.8 million colors. The mouse also comes with a built-in memory and six different programmable buttons.

Logitech G403 Performance and Quality:

The build quality of mouse is premium. To make the mouse rigid and highly durable, it is constructed with an excellent frame, ensuring that the mouse can bear rough handling and long lasting to the owner. The great style and features of the mouse make it capable of providing an excellent piece of performance. The mouse is also known for its speed that means you can move from point X to point Y quickly. Handling the product is pretty much easy because of its excellent firm grip.


  • Easy to use thanks to the ergonomic design.
  • The Logitech G403 Provides high levels of accuracy and performance.
  • Colors can be set according to user’s preference between 16.8 million provided colors.
  • The Logitech G403 is equipped with 6 different programmable buttons.
  • Possesses a built-in memory.


  • Some gamers may suffer hindrance because of some comparatively small buttons.
  • When it comes to looks, it is not a gorgeous one.
  • Comparatively a small cable.Logitech G403

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The Logitech G403 provides an exceptionally great performance and precision, thanks to its high-quality sensor. It is no doubt one of the best mice out there in the market. But for a gamer who is crazy about looks, this mouse is not so gorgeous. But the performance of the mouse overcomes its weakness about looks.

Thanks! for coming up and reading. I hope you enjoyed it and found the article helpful. If you did, please tell me in comments, and if you disliked the article, please do tell me in comments for improvements.
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