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Gigabyte GM-M6900 Gaming Mouse Review

Hello! Everybody. This is Muhammad Asif from ABSWEBTECH. Welcome to another astonishing review and this time we have Gigabyte GM-M6900 Gaming Mouse.
Gigabyte is a big name in the industry of gaming products and has always put up the best of the products with a mesh of technology, look, design, and above all gaming compatibility. So today we are going to critique a product from this legendary name, and that product is Gigabyte GM-M6900 Gaming Mouse. The GM-M6900 is one of the newest and best gaming mice developed by Gigabyte. GM-M6900 meets up the needs of almost every gamer with its accuracy during swift motion on-screen. The mouse is built with a USB Interface, but actually, I do think that it shall be Bluetooth. The GM-M6800 has much resemblance with its predecessor GM-M6800 and Force M9.

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Gigabyte GM-M6900 Design:

This advanced gaming mouse has a kind of sexy look, built with a glossy smooth exterior with a blend of black color makes it look gorgeous. The mouse measures 7.2 inches in height, with a width and length of 2.8 inches and 9.6 inches respectively. The incredible thing is the light weightiness of GM-M6900, it just only weighs 1 pound. The gorgeous curves and contours of the device make it easy to hold a tight grip on it.M6900

Another specialty of the design is the seven programmable buttons, which also includes standard mouse wheel used for scrolling. The remaining 6 buttons are the 2 standard left and right buttons, the 2 buttons on the left positioned above a rubber segment for the thumb, intended to be used for navigation across the screen. The other 2 remaining buttons are positioned above the device and are for the sake of DPI ( Dots Per Inch) Level adjustment. On the bottom, four pads are found for resistance when using over a slippery surface and an optical sensor positioned towards left. The mouse comes with a cord of 1.8m in length and is followed by a Gold-plated USB Connector.

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Gigabyte GM-M6900 Features:

GM-M6900 comes with some excellent features. One of the key features is the optical sensor, especially tailor made for gaming purposes. The sensor is capable of up to 3200 DPI (Dots Per Inch) level. This causes the device to perform better by offering premium tracking resolution and allows up to 3G acceleration.
Another interesting feature that makes it more user-friendly is that the mouse is capable of manual DPI level adjustment by the user. A user can switch the DPI in 3 stages, from 800 to 1600 to 2000. There are 3 LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) placed at the top of the mouse that indicate the DPI stage.M6900
The wheel embedded at the top of the mouse is capable of being moved in all four directions (up, down, left, right) instead of traditional two directional (up, down) style.
It id is compatible with Gigabyte force application that offers a simple, user-friendly drop down menu. A user can adjust and hover about the mouse functions as per their needs through the menu.


The Gigabyte GM-M6900 is a mouse worth the money, given its reasonable price and attractive features. The mouse is appreciated in gamer communities, mainly because of its excellent precision and price. As the rubber grips on the side enable a firm grip, the tracking pads underneath hold the mouse in place. The optical sensor of 3200 DPI is a beast option for FPS ( First Person Shooter) Games, and moreover, the gold plated USB Connector provides high and stable signal transfer. It offers a large button arrangement, a neat design and a user-friendly, customizable software which makes the Gigabyte GM-M690 an ideal choice for keen gamers. The product is an excellent combination of price and quality.

Thanks! for coming up and reading. I hope you noticed this review to be helpful and do tell me in comments, which mouse are you handling and whereby is it performing.
This is Muhammad Asif saying GoodBye to all and wish you farewell till the next post.


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