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Best Security Door Locks For Home

Best Security Door Locks For Home

Intruders seeking to break into your home will choose to enter through a door since it is quick and easy. However, if you install security door locks on all the exterior doors to your home, the intruder will recognize the good quality lock as a deterrent to his efforts.

Burglars caught and interrogated about the way they selected the door as a target, often say they identified quality security door locks, which caused them to move on focusing their attempts on breaking into another house.

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Keep in mind, intruders select the doors that seem easiest to break into and which reduce the chances of being seen and caught. Doors attaching the garage with the house way too often offer intruders an opportunity to hide while they are attempting to break into a house. Therefore you should put extra thought and install security door locks for the safety of your home from the doors attaching the garage as well.

There are two common types of door locks used for doors in your home. The first is the simple key locks in a doorknob, usually used for inner doors. The second is the security door locks with a deadbolt recommended for exterior doors. These are also recommended for doors attaching the garage with the house.

The Best Things To Understand before Buying A Door Lock

There are three types of security door locks available on the market: A single cylinder door lock, which has a key cylinder on one side and a doorknob on the other side. The second is a double cylinder deadbolt door lock, which has a key cylinder on both sides of the door. The third is a keyless door lock. If you feel your home is prone to burglary and you require a high level of security then consider purchasing double cylinder deadbolt security door locks.

Check that the locking technology in the security door locks you choose has required certification, giving you the assurance that your keys are fully protected from unauthorized duplication as well as protection against picking and drilling attacks. This protection is to assure you knowing exactly who has access to your possessions and loved ones.

The minimum technology requirements for security door locks are having a solid bolt with a hard roll pin resistant to sawing. The pins spin easily inside the bolt, however, if a burglar tries to break into your home by sawing off the deadbolt, the pin will complicate his efforts since it spins back and forth with the saw blade.

An additional technology requirement for security door locks is a reinforced strike metal plate with screws at least 3” (three inches) long, which goes through the doorjamb into the frame. A security strike plate on the door frame prevents a burglar from prying it off or cutting through it.
Security door locks come in the various bolt or throw lengths. The minimum length for a secure bolt in a deadbolt door lock is 1” (one inch). A bolt extending into the frame by at least one inch makes it is so much more difficult for a burglar to break the bolt. A solid 1” hardened steel bolt in heavy gauge steel housing for maximum defense against physical attack.

Security door locks manufactured in the US are graded on a scale between Grade 3 to Grade 1, while Grade 1 provides the highest security. This scale of grades is based on their capacity to hold up to an attack and is governed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Grade 1 provides protection against not permitted key duplication, bumping attacks, picking, drilling, wrenching, kicking, or another physical attack.

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Be conscious of the fact that imported door locks from other countries may lack grading or have different grading scales, if at all. Perhaps they weren’t tested to any acknowledged standard. If you are in doubt, consult a professional locksmith for advice.

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