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ABSWEBTECH is a website where you can find all your questions’ answers about the buying of tech products. Here we review the newest and best techs and tell you whether to buy them or not. We recommend you the best products according to your requirements keeping in mind your budget too. If you do not find your desired product review here, please 
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. Here we assure you that we provide the best, detailed, honest and pure reviews that would help you in buying or suggesting the product to someone else.


Muhammad Asif is an enthusiast. A man who is a great lover of Technology. He is a master reviewer, pentester, graphic designer and a web developer. Let’s hear what the owner says to his worthy visitors

” Whenever we are going to buy a new product and especially when it is a product related to technology like Smartphones, R.C Toys, Laptops, Computer Accessories and many more like these, first of all, what we do is that we go to Google and search for its reviews. There are many sites that review products but there is always a flaw in them and that flaw is that some of them are too bad and leave you in a situation where you don’t know whether to buy it or not but at some sites as they are paid reviews they will not show you the CONS of it and you will be in a mess after buying it. I also had the same problem, then I hit upon the idea of a website where I shall do pure and meaningful reviews, and so I started ABSWEBTECH. And now I hope that this would become the best platform for you to look up for reviews.”